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Filter Disc

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  • Filter Disc
  • Boegger is a professional company in production of various types and materials of mesh filters. The metal filters are mainly designed from three kinds of materials: woven mesh cloth, stainless steel mesh and […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Filter disc, also named of wire mesh discs, is mainly made of stainless steel woven wire cloth, stainless steel sintered mesh, galvanized wire mesh and brass wire cloth, etc. It is mainly used to remove unwanted impurities from fluid, air, or solid. It can be made of single layer or multi layers filter packs, which can divide into spot welded edge and aluminum framed edge. Besides, it can be cut into various shapes, for example round, square, polygon and oval, etc. The discs are widely used in different walks of life, for example food and beverage filtration, chemical filtration, and water filtration, etc.

We can offer various types of filters of different material, different shapes, different layers, different wrapping edge types, and different filter precision to satisfy your specific requirements.


  • Mesh material: stainless steel (SS302, SS304, SS316, SS316L) woven wire cloth, stainless steel sintered mesh, galvanized wire mesh, and brass wire cloth.
  • Layers: 2, 3, 4, 5 layers, or other more layers.
  • Shapes: circular, square, oval-shaped, rectangle, other special shape can be made as per request.
  • Frame style: spot welded edge and aluminum framed edge.
  • Frame material: stainless steel, brass, aluminum.
  • Packs diameter: 20 mm - 900 mm.
The filter disc made of woven wire mesh with aluminum framed edge.

FD-01: Filter disc can be made of woven wire mesh cloth.

A piece of round filter disc made of black wire cloth.

FD-02: Filter disc can be made of black wire cloth.

Two fingers hold a single layer filter disc made of stainless steel mesh and without framed edge.

FD-03: Filter disc can be made of stainless steel mesh.

Several filter discs manufactured with different shapes.

FD-04: Filter disc made of different shapes to meet your demand.

Two filter packs made of black wire cloth with welded spot edge.

FD-05: Filter disc can be manufactured with welded spot edge.

One big filter disc and two small filter discs, made of stainless steel and brass wire cloth with aluminum framed edge.

FD-06: Filter discs can be manufactured with aluminum framed edge.

Two circular spot welded filter packs flat on ground and another circular filter disc upright on them.

FD-07: Multi layers filter disc with spot welded edge.

One filter disc made of woven  Aluminum mesh cloth and one disc made of SS wire mesh, with aluminum framed edge.

FD-08: We can offer you various sizes of filter discs with various materials.


  • High filtration efficiency.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Made in various materials, patterns and sizes.
  • Durable and long life working.
  • Strength and easily cleanable.
  • Available in screening and filtering in acid, alkali conditions.

Because of its acid and alkali resistant features, filter discs can be used in chemical fiber industry as screen, oil industry as mud mesh, plating industry as acid cleaning mesh. In addition to, it also can be applied in absorption, evaporation and filtration process in rubber, petroleum, chemical, medicine, metallurgy, and machinery.


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