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Feudi di Guagnano wines

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  • Feudi di Guagnano wines
  • Feudi di Guagnano was founded by five young entrepreneurs, who share a simple but ambitious plan: to save the Negroamaro vineyards abandoned by elderly winemakers, no longer capable of cultivating the vines. […]

 Country Of Origin: Italy
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Feudi di Guagnano is a Puglia winery producing quality wines with an interesting quality/price ratio. 

Its production is about 150,000 bottles a year and the 65% of the produced wines are exported worldwide.

15 are the wines we have in portofolio:

Nero Di Velluto Negroamaro IGT Salento

Pietrafinita Primitivo IGU Salento

Cupone Salice Salentino DOC Riserva

Le Camarde Negroamaro&Primitivo IGT Salento....and many others.

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