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Febendazole Bolus

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  • Febendazole Bolus
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 FOB Price: Mumbai  USD per Box
 Minimum Order: 100000  Pieces
 Country Of Origin: India
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Available in 1.5gm and 3gm compositions.
Fenbendazole is used in both large and small animals.
In dogs, it is useful against roundworms, hookworms, and the more difficult to treat whipworms.
It is effective against the Taenia species of tapeworm but not against the common tapeworm, Dipylidiumcaninum. It is also effective against Giardia (an intestinal protozoan that is contagious to both humans and pets) as well as several species of lungworm and even some flukes.
When a pet has chronic diarrhea and a cause cannot be found through testing, it is common to give fenbendazole for several days in a row as a general broad spectrum dewormer; the idea is that most parasites of significance will be removed by it even if they escaped detection in testing.


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