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FDA Cosmetic Labeling Compliance

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  • FDA Cosmetic Labeling Compliance
FDA Cosmetic Labeling Compliance
  • FDA USDA FSIS Food Beverage Cosmetic Ingredient and labeling compliance.

 Terms Of Payment: Prepayment Delivery Time: 12 day to 30 days TAT - Rush Service Available
 Country Of Origin: United States Certifications and Awards: FDA Labeling and Ingredient Compliance
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If your are detained or need ASAP Rush Service is available at an additional charge. Non laboratory services: GUARRANTEED RUSH SERVICE (check for availability) SAME DAY (if possible) 200% RUSH - 1 BUSINESS DAY 100% RUSH - 2 BUSINESS DAYS 80% RUSH - 3 BUSINESS DAYS 60% RUSH - 4 BUSINESS DAYS 40% RUSH - 5 BUSINESS DAYS 30% RUSH - 6 BUSINESS DAYS 20% RUSH - 7 BUSINESS DAYS 15% RUSH - 8 to 10 BUSINESS DAYS 10%

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The following is some information about our services; please also check out our website at


We assist our clients with nutritional analysis via database, laboratory and or a combination of the two; package labeling reviews for FDA compliance; Recipe/formulation consulting for the purpose of meeting FDA nutrient content claims (i.e. Low fat or low sodium, high fiber); shelf life evaluation and testing and many many more services.


Established in 1993, NutriData was formed in response to the food industry's need for professional, cost effective nutrition analysis and food labeling services. Under the direction of Carol Pirrone a Registered Dietitian with a Masters degree in food and nutrition, a member of the American Dietetic Association and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), NutriData pioneered the nutritional labeling services providing the food industry assured, high quality nutrition analysis and nutrition labeling services. Carol Pirrone, M.S., R.D.N. received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Food Administration at California Polytechnic University and Master's degree in Foods and Nutrition at California State University, Long Beach. She has extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition labeling, school foodservice and product development, and has worked in the food manufacturing industry for over thirty years.


To summarize some of the benefits of using NutriData services:


√ Quality Assured - Accuracy Guaranteed. For Database Analysis we use nutritional data direct from the manufacturer of your specific ingredients. We do not use generic ingredient nutrient data for specialty ingredients. Close does notcount. Adjustments are made for baking (moisture) losses specific to your product and results are verifiedagainst USDA standards.


√ All analysis are completed and verified by a Registered Dietitian (M.S., R.D.), professionally trained and educated in the field of nutrition with over 25 years experience in the food and manufacturing industry.


√ Fast turnaround. Standard turnaround time is seven to ten business days. Rush Service: Twenty-four, forty-eight and seventy-two hour turnaround times are available in most cases for an additional charge.


√ Full line of technical services available:

- Nutritional Analysis

- Nutrition Facts Panels

- Bilingual Nutrition Facts Panels

- Product package labeling review for FDA compliance

- Supplement Facts Labeling

- Voluntary Nutrients listing

- Ingredient statement

- Allergen review

- Gluten-Free Validation

- Formulation Validation

- Nutrient Content Claims (e.g.: light, low-fat and high-fiber)

- Health Claims (e.g.: does not promote tooth decay, may reduce the risk of heart disease)

- Structure/Function Claims (e.g.: calcium builds strong bones, antioxidants maintain cell integrity)

- Attribute Claims (e.g.: no artificial …, all natural)

- Canadian Compliant Nutrition Facts Panels

- Recipe/formulation consulting for the purpose of meeting FDA nutrient content claims.

- Shelf life evaluation and testing

- Preservative Recommendations

- Product Information/Specification forms for school bids. (Accepted at all school districts)

- Laboratory Services

- Microbiological food safety testing

- Pet Food Analysis

- Competitive Analysis

- UPC Barcodes


Our services can not only help make your job an easier one, but can also give your company the professional image so critical in today's marketplace. NutriData wants to be your source for nutrition and technical services today... tomorrow... and for years to come.


Thank you for your consideration.


Harry Messersmith



23141 Verdugo Drive, Suite 200

Laguna Hills, CA  92653

Toll Free: 1-866-NF-Labels

949-218-0535 – Office

949-218-0545 - Fax




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