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Fall Arrest Safety Harness with 4 D-Rings HCT-3056

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  • Fall Arrest Safety Harness with 4 D-Rings HCT-3056
  • Manufacturer Company based In Taiwan with 30 years experience in the Production of Safety Harnesses, Lanyards, Ratchet Tie Downs, Webbing Slings to name a few.

 Country Of Origin: Taiwan Certifications and Awards: CNS 14253
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Polyester Webbing Fall Arrest Harness with integrated lanyard for working at height.

Webbing Width: 45mm
Test Method: CNS 14253
The First impact was 512kgf

- Frontal Fall Arrest attachment point and rear dorsal .

- 2 Meter shock absorbing lanyard.

- Easy to use with fully adjustable chest, shoulder and leg straps.

 - Suited for working in Elevated Work Platforms (EWP), construction and general maintenance.


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