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Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml

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  • Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml
  • We provide distributing and sales services across the region of London.
    With our vans we can reach the most frequently-serviced London distribution locations.
    Meeting direct sales to small supermarkets, […]

 FOB Price: --  GBP per Unit
 Minimum Order: Pallet/Pallets
 Terms Of Payment: Guaranty Bank transfer Capacity: Pallet/Pallets per Week
 Delivery Time: 2 weeks
 Country Of Origin: United Kingdom Certifications and Awards: EN ISO 22000:2005 ISO 9001:2008
500ml: 0,3 acidity

Gourmet extra virgin olive oil in 500 ml fine dark bottles and mat black colour luxury bottle.

Origin of olive is the island of crete koroeniki variety,acidity is 0,3.


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