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Examination Glove

in Surgical Instrument, Type: sell

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  • Examination Glove
  • AdvaCare is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare products company. With over 60 branded products sold worldwide and numerous generics produced under our customers’ brands, AdvaCare supplies distributors, […]

 Country Of Origin: China
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
Thickness: Normal, Thick (+/-0.5-2g)
Packaging: 50 pieces/box 100 pieces/box
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AdvaCare Examination Gloves provide the highest degree of protection and strength compared to the competition. Even our standard gloves are made of thicker/heavier material than the competition
- our Thick Series provides extra protection for medical professionals. Our Latex Series offers absolute protection and strength, our Nitrile Series is made from a high quality synthetic polymer to avoid
allergies and irritation and our Vinyl Series provides an economical but still Latex-free option. AdvaCare carries a wide range of medical gloves for every application.


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