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Epistane Powder

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  • Epistane Powder
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Price with shipping: $190/10g $470/50g $900/100g $3100/500g $5600/1kg
Alias: 2A, 3A-Epithio-17A-Methyl-5A-androstan-17b-ol; Androstan-17-ol, 2, 3-epithio-17-methyl-, (2A, 3A, 5A, 17b)-
Epistane CAS: 4267-80-5; 14267-80-5
Epistane Molecular Formula.: C20H32OS
Epistane Molecular Weight: 344.52
Epistane Melting Point.: 168-169 temperature
Epistane Properties: White powder
Epistane Usage: Pharmaceutical intermediates, anti-estrogen.

Epistane can significantly reduce and reverse the effects of gynocomastia because not only does Epistane specifically block estrogen in breast tissue but it induces an estrogen-depleted condition which leads to apoptosis or the death of the breast tissue cells.

Epistane also binds to androgen receptors in skeletal muscle cells and muscle stem cells. This leads to changes in muscle cell function and protein synthesis. In the case of muscle stem cells, which will actually change and fuse with your active adult skeletal muscles increasing the muscles potential for growth and repair.

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