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Electrical Safety Testing

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  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • ITC INDIA Testing scope for the following standards
    1. Machinery testing IFC/EN 60204/ANZ 4024.1
    2. Liminaries IEC/EN 60598
    3. Electro Medical Equipment IEC/EN 60601
    4. Household Equipment IEC/EN 60335

 Country Of Origin: India Certifications and Awards: Testing
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ITC India providing All electrical and electronic products sold in markets around the world must demonstrate that they function according to existing electrical safety regulations & standard. These standards and Specifications vary from country to country, with varying degrees of complexity. So the manufacturer needs to test their products to determine if they meet minimum safety levels. Our safety testing facilities offer assessment and testing to IEC, EN, IS, ANSI and other International country standards and regulations on a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment. We are continually expanding our capability to cover an increasingly broad range of standards.


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