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DZL Packaged Boiler

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 Country Of Origin: China
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DZL series packaged biomass boiler which is a Horizontal type with a single drum belongs to the traveling grate boiler. It is a high efficient and environment-friendly product that can easily burn shaped biomass fuel or both pure and mixed coal with its economizer in the rear.


Combustion of biomass fuel molding ,pure coal or mixed coal and biomass fuel molding to provide heat or power generation

Production structure:

Furnace ,(gas solid separation equipment) separator ,solid material recycling equipment (feeder back), superheater, reheater ,economizer ,air preheater


  • 1.With the novel furnace structure, the boiler can tackle the deformation of bulge caused by directly heating the bottom of the drum.
  • 2. The boiler can avoid the crackles happening in the plates.
  • 3. the drum adopt single pass threaded pipe, so it can not only strengthen the heat transfer effect but also has the function of self-cleaning gray at the same time
  • 4.Novel arch design makes coal combustion and coal adaptability strong.
  • 5. Grate side sealing structure avoids the shortcomings of uneven ventilation and burning out side sealing.
  • 6 .Separate adjustable wind chamber under the fire grate is equipped and wind is fed from two sides. It adopts new type crack screw wind adjustment structure so that the wind adjustment and ventilation cross section proportion is 100%. Thus, it is easy to adjust and the wind is distributed symmetrically.

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