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Dress socks with B&W side striped cuff

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  • Dress socks with B&W side striped cuff
  • We are one of the most consistent manufacturers in the knitting and weaving industries, having thoroughly satisfied both domestic and international markets for socks and towels in the past 15 years. From the […]

 FOB Price: Negotiable  USD per Dozen
 Minimum Order: 100  Dozen/Dozens
 Terms Of Payment: TT Capacity: 60,000 Country Of Origin: Taiwan
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Material: 72.9% polyester, 21.5% nylon, 2.9% rubber thread, 2.7% elastic fibers.
Comfy fit
Neat looking & functional

Every pair is made to exact specifications using a combination of materials that enhance their appearance and functionality, making them  very comfortable to wear. The fibers used are 72.9% polyester, 21.5% nylon, 2.9% rubber thread, and 2.7% elastic thread. Other types of material can be used also to produce the socks. Custom pattern/design is also accepted.


Customized (other options)


72.9% polyester, 21.5% nylon, 2.9% rubber  thread and  2.7% elastic fibers                        bamboo fiber, cotton, spandex, polyester, acrylic, jacquard, teflon fiber, coolmax, etc.

24-26 cm 28 cm and up
Number of colors:                       3 maximum 7

breathable & quick-dry anti-slip, anti-bacterial, sweat absorbent, eco-friendly, etc.
Design/pattern: B&W side stripes cartoon characters, floral shapes, lines, letters, & loops, other figures, stripes, etc.



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