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Documents Required For AQSIQ Registration

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  • Documents Required For AQSIQ Registration
  • K&C International Consulting Co.Ltd.
    following services:
    1.Register AQSIQ for overseas scrap suppliers.
    2.Add new kinds of scrap for your AQSIQ certificate.
    3.Renew and change your AQSIQ […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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1. Application Forms for Entering to Register for the Overseas Suppliers of Imported Solid Wastes as Raw Materials:should be filled in on-line through Electronic Monitoring System for Inspection and Quarantine of Imported Waste Raw Materials according to requirements in Instructions for Filling in Application Forms for Entering to Register for the Overseas Suppliers of Imported Solid Wastes as Raw Materials and then submitted and printed. The registration application should have the sinature of the legal representative and the original seal of enterprise, and the original should be provided.

2.The Notarized Tax&Business Registration documents,and translated into chinese.

3.Plane chart of fixed place of business with clear sizes, and plane chart of processing site, if any, as well as the true and complete video documents of the above sites or over 3 photos completely displaying the above sites

4.Pictures of the radiation detector,the calibration certificate or qualified certificate which can show us the radiation detectoris well operated.

5.The ISO9001 quality management system or RIOS system and other relevant.authentication certificates'color photocopy.

6. Introductions of organizations, departments and job responsibilities.

7. The color copy of authentication certificate of ISO 9001 Quality Management System or RIOS System and relevant work instruction documents.

8. Other supporting materials


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