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DANVI-Moisturizing Vitamin wash filter

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  • DANVI-Moisturizing Vitamin wash filter
DANVI-Moisturizing Vitamin wash filter DANVI-Moisturizing Vitamin wash filter DANVI-Moisturizing Vitamin wash filter DANVI-Moisturizing Vitamin wash filter
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 FOB Price: 12 - 14  USD per Unit
 Minimum Order: 1000  Unit/Units
 Terms Of Payment: TT Advance or L/C Capacity: 200000  Unit/Units per Week
 Delivery Time: 60 days
 Country Of Origin: South Korea Certifications and Awards: FDA, KAA
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What is DANVI?
Anti-oxidative effect & Whitening effect & Relieve Atopic disease DANVI clear residual chlorine, harmful substance and etc from tap water. My skin rest in harmony Natural Vitamin-C & Milk. DANVI is excellent to relieve atopic disease.

Harmfulness of Tap water
Do you worry about wash water, which is safe or nor? Don't worry anymore! Here is DANVI
Test result of residual chlorine quantities in tap water
Water is not only for drinking! Wash water is important too! Start now for you and your family! Protect your family from Atopic disease, residual chlorine and other in tap water!
Skin Care
Perfect combination of natural Vitamin-C and Milk powder! Clear residual chlorine and other in tap water!
DANVI clear residual chlorine and suspended solids in tap water. DANVI is made by Natural Vitamin-C and Milk
DANVI relieve Atopic symptoms by good water with moisture and nutrition from natural Vitamin-C and Milk.
Vitamin-C is good for Anti-aging; Vitamin-C oxidizes by self easily, so it has Anti-oxidactive effect to others.
Vitamin-C is good for wrinkle improvement; Vitamin-C helps regeneration of the collagen in inner skin.
Vitamin-C relieves pigmentation on skin and improves skin color brightly. Vitamin-C is used for Anti-aging and Whitening cosmetic widely.
DANVI include natural milk fat from milk. Milk fat keep moisture in skin effectively.
Milk fat helps keratin removal smoothly. It is effective to keep skin looking smooth, elastic and healthy
Aromatherapy with 6 kinds of aromas
Aromatherapy for your relaxation!
Enjoy Aromatherapy during shower at home. Pleasant aroma make you feel good also your body relaxed and get rid of stress.
Delicate fragrance stay in bath after shower. You feel fresh air in bath.
Structure of DANVI
DANVI is moisturizing vitamin wash filter. There are gel filter(Vitamin-C + Milk powder) and felt filter in housing.
Principle of DANVI 
DANVI clear residual chlorine by Vitamin-C. 
Vitamin-C dissolve in water through pin-hole, when filter pressure and gel filter pressure are in same, level during water flow. 
Vitamin-C concentration will be increased in filter after first use and Vitamin-C will fill inside filter. 
This filled Vitamin-C clear residual chlorine in tap water when you bath. 
Vitamin-C concentration is depend on water pressure, water quality and temperature. Especially water pressure have effect on DANBI use life and time to clear chlorine. 
It is not continuous work to clear residual chlorine, because high concentration of Vitamin-C clear residual chlorine in filter. 
The rate of chlorine and time of elimination are depend on Vitamin-C concentration in filter. 
If you don’t use 9hours at night, Vitamin-C concentrations are enough to use 1day. 
Gel filter (Vitamin-C + Milk) 
We design special gel filter to increase use life and control concentration minutely. If filter use powder type, it is not possible to control concentration, also use life will be very short. 
Felt filter 
The felt filter clear residual rust and substances in tap water.
Certification of ANTI-ATOPY
Certification of Anti-Atopy is certified by KAA through strict inspection and real test.
Approved FDA(USA)
How to use
You can use DANVI with all kinds of tap and shower easily!

 APPLICATION: Bathroom (for SHOWER)
 WEIGHT: 170g (Vitamin cartridge: 60g)
 FILTER MATERIAL: Vitamin-C, Milk powder, Moisturizer
 SERVICE TEMP.: 4℃~50℃ (39℉~122℉)
 CHANGE CYCLE: 60days for 4households (It can be changeable according to water pressure, water quality and use)
 AMOUNT: 60days or 7,200liters (120liter for day)
 ORIGIN: Made in Korea
 MAKER: SGL Korea


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