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 FOB Price: 50 - 55  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 100  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: TT, LC Capacity: 1000  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: 2WEEK
 Country Of Origin: South Korea
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Cutegel : Long lasting Cross linked HA fillers

* Cross linked HA fillers

* Non animal product

* No endotoxine and protein remains

* Equal particle dense & Easy injection (Wide diameter, easy injection)

* Various range of filler products suitable for various purpose - 7 range of products

As you can see, Cutegel has various particle sizes under our product line. Ultra & Strong have the biggest particle size - Max :1400 um vs. Ultra & Strong : 1600 um


The difference between Ultra & Strong is the volume of the filler. Ultra contains 2 ml and strong contains 3 ml

Ultra & Strong is great for molding shapes or giving volume (or we can express it as giving dimension)

Meanwhile Aqua S is great for skin hydration (hydrolifting)

The most popular ones are Cutegel & Cutegel Max.

The Cutegel Aqua S, Cutegel and Max are CE approved ones and Ultra, Strong is newly made products.

Usage :


* Cutegel Aqua S (0.9ml) - Aqua S is suitable for skin hydration with mesotherapy technique. In addition to that, cutegel aqua S is great for marionette line too!


* Cutegel(1.0ml) & Cutegel Max (1.1ml) - Both Cutegel & Cutegel Max is the most popular one with various usage. It is like the basic for cutegel product line.

Cutegel is used under eye areas (to make a dimension on lower eyelid.) and lip line.

Cutegel Max is used for resolving wrinkles, volumming forehead, cheek and chin.


* Cutegel Ultra (2.0ml) - Cutegel Ultra is used for volumming forehead, cheek and chin.

* Cutegel Strong (3.0ml) - Cutegel Strong is used for breast enhancement. Also can be used for volumming forehead, cheek and chin.

 We ran tests at Korean FDA and 2 big university hospitals and they approved the safety and durability of Cutegel.

All of our fillers are Cross linked fillers. And It is the only one cross linked filler among made in Korea products.

As you already know, the cross linked HA filler lasts longer than non corss linked ones. And the customer satisfaction of our Cutegel Aqua is very high, so they want to do the procedure with Cutegel again for their customers.



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