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Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml semi-finished injections

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  • Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml semi-finished injections
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Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml semi-finished injections
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Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml Description:
Cutstack Testosterone Propionate , Acetate mixture of Drostanolone Propionate and train. The drug is usually used before the competition and is highly effective. Thanks to the influence of the drug slightly from the body hold water . Accordingly, the pharmaceutical effect within a short time in the body of short süredede exits .
Usage: Use of an effective dose of the drug every two days, 200 mg ( 1 ml ) and 400 mg (2 ml ), respectively.
Side Effects: The drug acne , water retention in the body for high blood pressure and liver toxicity is lower than other drugs.

Cut stack depot 400 mg/ml @100ml recipe:
15 grams of Testosterone Decanoate powder;
12.5 grams of Trenbolone Enanthate powder;
12.5 grams of Masteron Enanthate powder;
B.A 2%
B.B 20%
G.S.O q.s.

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