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CT-5000ATW 5Ghz 11a WiFi Jammer 8 x1W=8W. Range up to 60m

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  • CT-5000ATW 5Ghz 11a WiFi Jammer 8 x1W=8W. Range up to 60m
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CT-5000ATW 8 Bands Waterproof Built-in Antenna 5Ghz Jammer

Outdoor jammer specialized for 5Ghz Wi-fi networks & cameras.

In many situations this model is used as Anit hackers wireless wall to protect the 5G networks from external hacker attacks

Easy operation and installation
High Efficiency output power, long jamming distance
Waterproof Jammer, proper for outdoor use
Built-in Antenna design, easy installation

Proper for Prison, Banks, Police, Military or Government Buildings, and other sensitive locations.

Technical Specifications:
Working frequency bands:
Frequency Range RF Output Power
5100-5200MHz 1W
5200-5300MHz 1W
5300-5400MHz 1W
5400-5500MHz 1W
5500-5600MHz 1W
5600-5700MHz 1W
5700-5800MHz 1W
5800-5900MHz 1W
Total RF output power: 8W

Internal Modulation: Analog
Effective jamming range: 10-60m depending on the the environment signal strength;
Power supply: 220VAC/110VAC
Continuous working hours: Long time
Power Consumption: 25W
Antenna type: Built-in Directional Antenna
Antenna Gain: 6dBi
Dimension: 400×288×155mm mm
Net Weight: 7kgs;
Operating Temp: -20ºC - +50ºC
Humidity: 5% - 95%

Taipei Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai UAE


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