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Crimping Machine XL Crimp 400

in Other Plastic & Rubber Machinery, Type: sell

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  • Crimping Machine XL Crimp 400
  • Import, export, reselling, distribution of ready made rubber and plastic goods like hydraulic and industrial hose,PTFE and silicone hoses,
    ERMETO, coupling, accessories, crimping ,cuttings, skiving, testing
    and […]

 Country Of Origin: France
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Crimping Machine XL Crimp 400

Technical features

Capacity 6 inch industrial

Crimping range 4-210mm

Crimping force 400 t

Opening with dies + 50 пп

Complete opening 285mm

Master-die length 150 mm

Motor 5,5 mm

Dimensions 1100x900x1550 mm- 750kg

Voltages available  400V 3PH- 230 V  3PH

This machine is for XXL workshop


.High crimping force

.Ergonomic Operation

.Large opening


.Easy set up



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