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Crepe Turquoise Industrial Wipe

in Nonwoven Fabric, Type: sell

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  • Crepe Turquoise Industrial Wipe
Crepe Turquoise Industrial Wipe Crepe Turquoise Industrial Wipe
  • Weston Manufacturing corporation aim is helping our clients to build their brands of cleaning wipe products. Apart from spunlace products, we also offer one site shopping in related products such as other […]

 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: CE, MSDS, FDA
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Ideal for critical cleaning and technical wiping, the Weston turquoise/blue creped can be used in a wide variety of industries: automotive, aerospace, printing, food processing, engineering and manufacturing. 

The Weston turquoise/blue creped is very low-linting so it will not leave residue fibers behind on surfaces.

The soft creped texture ensures effective dust and dirt pick-up as well as excellent absorbency of grease and oil.The Weston turquoise/blue creped is strong and durable as well as solvent and chemical resistant and contains no chemical binders.

Perfect for cleaning tools, equipment and machinery, hands and work surfaces. 

Specialist, turquoise cleaning cloth of high quality, excellent absorptive quality, non-woven with very low dust emission. Unique crinkled surface (crepe) ensures a good grip and picks even invisible particles. This cloth is very resistant to tear when either dry or wet, safe to use with solvents, odorless. Made from 55% natural fiber and 45% polyester, it is suitable for:

 wiping, drying and removing liquids, stains and grime, rinsing and greasing.
 laboratories, industrial facilities, industrial processes, maintaining machinery and equipment, professional varnishing units.

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