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Corn oil and other cooking oil

in Plant Oil, Type: sell

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  • Corn oil and other cooking oil
Corn oil and other cooking oil
  • We are a private company limited that produces and export food products,Our products are certified standard fit for consumption.We are looking for reliable buyers to start long term business with

 FOB Price: 500 - 1000  USD per Ton
 Minimum Order: 18  Tons
 Terms Of Payment: TT,LC Capacity: 1000  Tons per Month
 Delivery Time: 21 DAYS
 Country Of Origin: Malaysia Certifications and Awards: HALAL,SGS
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We are direct producer and supplier of edible oils like corn oil,sunflower oil,coconut oil,soybeans oil,palm oil.Our oils are 100% refined fit for human consumption.Interested buyers can contact us now for more details


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