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Copy Lathe

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  • Copy Lathe
Copy Lathe Copy Lathe Copy Lathe
  • We offer CNC Lathe, Copy Lathes, Hydraulic Copy Turning Attachments for lathe, Special purpose machines, Hydraulic facing & centering machine, Hydraulic Drilling machine, Auto Programmed Cycle Tracer, Self […]

 Country Of Origin: India
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Low Cost, Hi Precision, Hi Speed Auto Copying Lathe

Auto Copy Lathe

We offer Auto Copy Lathe to our clients as per their requirement.


  • 60° Slant Cast Iron Bed.
  • Hardened & Ground Guide ways.
  • Hi Precision Spindle Head.
  • Heavy Duty Copying Slide.
  • Lubrication System for Slides.
  • Foot Operated Power Tail Stock.
  • Coolant System.
  • Splash Guard.

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