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Copper Cathodes

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  • Copper Cathodes
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We have received the following offer of copper cathodes produced by top manufacturers in China:


Product: Copper cathodes

Specification:  CU 99.97% - 99.99%. Electrolytic Grade-A. Non-LME-registered.Top brand with highest quality standard in China (also a registered brand with LME).


Country of Origin: China


Trial Order Quantity: 100 - 300 Metric Tons

Quantity: 500 - 2,000 MT/month x 12 months


Size: 914mm X 914mm X 12mm

Weight: 125Kg +/- 1%


Surveyor: BV, CCIC, or CIQ China. Loading inspection by buyer is also allowed.


Payment: L/C at Sight from top 25 banks. (Except Korea & Japan)


Packaging: Palletized; banded in Aluminum bands


Loading port: Any China main port


Price: LME – 11% CIF European main port.


Performance Bond: Negotiable.


NOTE: This is for export out of China only. Seller is currently shipping to Europe and Middle East markets.


Photos, SGS & CCIC inspection reports are available to serious buyers only. All orders are subject to prior sale. If interested in any of the above offers, please advise your detailed requirements ASAP. Thank you for your business.



Mobile: +1-626-688-9200

Skype/LINE/WeChat ID: bensung8888


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