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Convoluted PTFE hoses

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  • Convoluted  PTFE hoses
Convoluted  PTFE hoses
  • Import, export, reselling, distribution of ready made rubber and plastic goods like hydraulic and industrial hose,PTFE and silicone hoses,
    ERMETO, coupling, accessories, crimping ,cuttings, skiving, testing
    and […]

 Country Of Origin: Italy Certifications and Awards: FDA,DVGW,EC 2002/72
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 Convoluted PTFE  hoses are produced from PTFE resins with low microporosity and high tensile strength.The helicoidal profile avoid blockages of the passing fluids and their consequent sodification and it makes them easily washable and sterilizable.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -70 degree C up to 260 degree C


Plastic moulding pressures,Lines for canning machines,gas and chlorine cylinders,Transport of

corrosive chemicals, food  and pharmaceutical products, compressors discharge line, transport of air,oil and petrol in the car motorcycle and shipyard fields


-Extreme flexibility,High resistance to the aging, low maintenance,chemical inertness

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