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Concentrated Scented Cleaner Axion 4L

in Other Household Chemicals, Type: sell

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  • Concentrated Scented Cleaner Axion 4L
 FOB Price: 6.30  EUR per Piece
 Minimum Order: 20' Container
 Country Of Origin: Greece (Hellas)
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Concentrated Scented Cleaner Axion. Thoroughly cleans and scents all surfaces and indoor spaces.

  • Produced in two different scents: Cherry-Bubblegum, Cleanliness Freshness
Available Scents Cherry-Bubblegum / Cleanliness Freshness
Content 4L
Packing (pcs/carton) 4
Way of order Order quantity in pieces corresponding to an integer number of cartons as per the above packing specs
Place of Delivery F.O.B. / F.O.T. Greece, Incoterms 2010

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