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Climateq membranes

in Roofing Felts, Type: sell

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  • Climateq membranes
  • Wabis is a producer and distributor of specialist materials for construction sector.
    The main idea of company is a production of modern and high-quality roofing accessories.

 FOB Price: 28 - 62  GBP per Roll
 Minimum Order: 20-60  Rolls
 Terms Of Payment: up to level of cooperation  Capacity: 5-10mln  Meter per Year
 Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
 Country Of Origin: Poland Certifications and Awards: CE, BBA
climateq pop 100,120,135, climateq pro150,165,180: 100-180g
standard size 1.5x50m availible 1.0x50m

Breathable  high vapour permeable underlayment in piched roof constructions as well as a wind insulation in the skeletal structures.


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