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  • Clair-TD1866
  • At Clair, we believe in gifting our customers an above par design,convenience of operation and promise of safety.

    Clair Air Purifiers are more than just your standard air purifier with a HEPA filter. Its […]

 Country Of Origin: South Korea
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The Clair-TD1866 is perfect for medium to large sized spaces.

The  patented e2f  air filter employed in our air purifier can capture airborne particles which are as small as 0.1 microns. In addition to this through design optimization we have ensured that the power consumption is at a bare minimum enabling our air purifiers for 24/7 operation. The e2f filter life is longer (12 to 18 months even after 24/7 usage) and the filter can be cleaned periodically by simple vacuuming.

All these features coupled with innovative design and reasonable pricing make the Clair-BF2025 the best choice for customers looking out for simple yet effective air purifying choice.


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