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Chlormadinone acetate progesterone raw powder yellow

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  • Chlormadinone acetate progesterone raw powder yellow
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Chlormadinone acetate
Chlormadinone acetate progesterone raw powder yellow
Product Name: chlormadinone acetate
Name: Chlormadinone acetate
CAS :302-22-7
Packaging specifications: 25kg / cardboard drum
Specifications Model: 99%
MF: C23H29ClO4
Molecular Weight: 404.93
Quality Standard: CP2000, JP13
Appearance: white or slightly yellow crystalline powder; odorless, tasteless.
Slightly soluble in methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol and ether, insoluble in water.
Use: progesterone drugs.
Usage: Chlormadinone acetate (CMA) is a derivative of naturally secreted progesterone that shows high affinity and activity at the progesterone receptor. It has an anti-estrogenic effect and, in contrast to natural progesterone, shows moderate anti-androgenic properties. CMA acts by blocking androgen receptors in target organs and by reducing the activity of skin 5alpha-reductase. It suppresses gonadotropin secretion and thereby reduces ovarian and adrenal androgen production. CMA shows high contraceptive efficacy by inhibiting ovulation due to its ability to suppress or disrupt endogenous gonadotropin secretion and, by this, inhibits follicular growth and maturation. In addition, it suppresses endometrial thickness and increases the viscosity of cervical mucus.


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