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CHIA seeds

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  • CHIA seeds
  • Prodeman is a family company that was born in 1984, with the main objective of processing, selecting, storing and exporting the peanut harvest obtained from the agricultural activity.
    By the end of 1994, in […]

 FOB Price: 4445 - 5000  USD per Ton
 Minimum Order: 20' Container
 Terms Of Payment: Before Documents Capacity: 10  40' Container per Week
 Delivery Time: 3 weeks or less.
 Country Of Origin: Argentina Certifications and Awards: We have laboratory certificates.
Damage Seeds: 0.5 upper limit
More than 600 MT produced in our fields.

Sound, clean and well-kept seeds; mild, pleasant and characteristic smell seeds.

Free of strange odors and flavors.




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