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C4U-20AL5801 Point to point data backhaul link up 10Mbps on 15km, 4Mbps on 20km CE FCC TRA

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  • C4U-20AL5801 Point to point data backhaul link up 10Mbps on 15km, 4Mbps on 20km CE FCC TRA
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C4U-20AL5801 5Ghz PTP - Up to 20km point to point wireless data backhaul link 8~10Mbps for 15km, 3~4Mbps on 20km, 1~2Mbps on 25km. CE FCC and  TRA approvals

Range is up to 20 km. Output Power: 200mW

Point to point applications in range up to 20km. Transferring Data, IP, Video,  Multi-Phone lines, PBX and VOIP Extensions, Fax, DSL or High Speed Internet

In production since 2005. used for telecom carrier company as backhaul link. In shortly period this model become famous as professional device for stable connection and heavy duty operation. Work even in extreme climates such as Mongolia where Mongolia Telecoms uses in low temperature -20 and it also working in Middle east desert area with up to 60 degrees temperatures during the day..

Data speed for C4U 20AL5801 Point to point Link is : 24Mbps for 1~2km, 20Mbps for 5km, 15Mbps for 10km, 8~10Mbps for 15km, 6Mbps for 17km, 3~4Mbps for 20km, 1~2Mbps for up to 25km  As example for Voip and phone lines you will need 1Mbps per 8 lines.  The C4U 20AL5801  is ideal for deployment in office buildings, for telecoms use, farms, ranches, resorts, hotels,wireless video Ip cctv systems and campus environments.

The C4U 20AL5801 wireless link allows you set up wireless outdoor connection without the interferences.
Running your 802.11a Network in the uncrowned 5Ghz ~ 5.8Ghz spectrum, it allow you to have a stable Wi-Fi connection over long distance. It supports all 3 segments of frequency range so optimal compliance in different region. The frequency range is changeable through the web interface.

CE, FCC and  TRA approvals.


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