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Bulking cycle peptides Weight loss Sermorelin

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  • Bulking cycle peptides Weight loss Sermorelin
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 Country Of Origin: Andorra Certifications and Awards: Bulking cycle peptides Weight loss Sermorelin
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Bulking cycle peptides Weight loss Sermorelin
Basic Info.
Sermorelin CAS: 86168-78-7
Sermorelin MF: C149H246N44O42S
Sermorelin MW: 3357.88
Sermorelin Assay: 99%

Advantages of Sermorelin over hGH
There are many advantages of using sermorelin for hGH replacement therapy rather than hGH itself, both in terms of safety as well as accessibility and cost.
With regards to safety, it has long been known that administration of hGH is associated with a range of adverse side-effects. These include, but are not limited to, bone and tissue growth abnormalities, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Add to this the possibility of overdose, a shutting down of normal growth hormone production and the possibility of a sudden reduction in response to hGH injections (a phenomenon known as Tachyphylaxis) and you may start to wonder if hGH is worth the risk.
Sermorelin on the other hand, has not been associated with the same long list of side-effects as hGH. Overdose is considered to be very difficult, if not impossible, and administration of sermorelin results in a release of growth hormone more in line with our body's natural process - rather than having consistently high levels as is the case with hGH injections. Sermorelin does not shut down the body's own production of hGH but instead supports pituitary function and promotes natural production of hGH. For this reason, increased hGH production is noted for a period even after sermorelin therapy has stopped.

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