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Bulgarian company startup package

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  • Bulgarian company startup package
  • Belcheva & Karadjova LLP provides legal advising to both foreign entities and individuals as well local persons.
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 FOB Price: 280 - 00  EUR per Piece
 Minimum Order: Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: Bank wire Capacity: Unlimited  Pieces per Day
 Delivery Time: 15 days
 Country Of Origin: Bulgaria
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Lawyers at Belcheva & Karadjova LLP have the pleasure to offer as an additional service on-line registration of companies in Bulgaria for foreign investors. The package of services includes 100% all legal procedures necessary for the registration of a company in Bulgaria on a very competition start up costs, namely:

 * preparation of all necessary papers both in Bulgarian & English and registration of the business in the trade register;
* tax-statistic registration of the company;
* social insurance registration of the company;
* opening of a bank account on the name of the new company to be paid up foundation capital (it's not operational bank account);
* preparation of the company's seal;
* we are using our own money for the company's capital;
* unlimited nominal company's office for free (if will not going to be VAT registered) - the office of our legal department will be used as official business address of the new Bulgarian company;

As of now we offer the most competitive Start up costs for the registration of a Bulgarian company only 280 euro in total, including all state fees and lawyer's remunerations.


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