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Fitness Gloves & Equipment

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  • Fitness Gloves & Equipment
Fitness Gloves & Equipment Fitness Gloves & Equipment Fitness Gloves & Equipment Fitness Gloves & Equipment
  • Needo Industries has been manufacturing and exporting wide range of superior quality Martial Arts uniforms & Equipment, Boxing Gloves, Apparels & Equipment, Brazilian Jiujitsu/Kimonos, MMA Gear, Sports, Safety & […]

 Minimum Order: 20  Pairs
 Terms Of Payment: Advance, L/C, CAD Capacity: 10000  Pairs per Month
 Delivery Time: 4--6 weeks
 Country Of Origin: Pakistan
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Needo Industries products represent perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship, the most modern & innovative techniques available. Fine quality, excellent workmanship, durable & optimum performance products. All products are available in assorted colors, sizes, designs & materials according to customer requirements and specifications on good suitable prices. Furthermore, take a few minutes to visit and let us know. Our focus is on perfection, stringent quality control measures, customer satisfaction and in time delivery. 


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