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 FOB Price: 55 - 60  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 100  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: TT, L/C  Capacity: 1000  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: 2WEEK
 Country Of Origin: South Korea
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BOTULAX, Botulinum Toxin A purified neurotoxin complex is a sterile freeze dried purified botulinum toxin. Produced from fermentation of Hall strain Clostridium, Botulinum Toxin Type A grown in a medium containing casein hydrolysate, glucose and yeast extract.


Use Botulax to achieve the cosmetic effects that clients are seeking.The number one non surgical cosmetic procedure for both men and women. Demonstrates how to perform popular cosmetic treatments for Horizontal forehead lines, Glabellar frown lines, Temporal brow lift, Lateral canthal lines (crows feet), Lower lids, Nasalis (bunny lines), Depressor anguli oris (marionette lines), Vertical lip lines, Gummy smile, Mentalis (dimpled chin), Horizontal neck lines, Vertical platysmal bands.

Specifications 50iu/100iu/200iu

Shelf Life 3 years in freeze-drying conditions

Storage: Store at temperature of -5 to -20°C ,Maximum solution temperature 36°C


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