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Biomass Residue Fired Boiler

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  • Biomass Residue Fired Boiler
Biomass Residue Fired Boiler
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Biomass Residue Fired Boiler capacity can reach 75t/h,the biomass circulating fluidized bed boilers can be applied to new projects,as well as the existing power plants and heating systems,this can be achieved through the technical innovation of original boiler.

According to the characteristics of staw biomass,our company has developed the biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler to adapt to the straw biomass based on the existing products,it avoids or solves the problems of fouling and slagging in the processes of combustion and heat transfer,and has a long-term and stable operation.Flue gas emissions meet the relevant national environmental standards,ash carbon content is low,and the comprehensive utilization of fly ash is realized.


The boiler can use the straw to produce ethanol fuel and improve the efficiency of the biomass fuel use.

Product structure:

Furnace ,(gas solid separation equipment) separator ,solid material recycling equipment (feeder back), superheater, reheater ,economizer ,air preheater


Industrial waste boiler makes worse slag of pure burning straw after making ethanol as fuel without the need of coal to recycle the waste to provide power. The ashes left can be used as agricultural fertilizer.

Patent for invention: 200710055054.8

Patent for utility models : 200720091676.1


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