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Biodegradable Food Packaging

in Packaging Cup - Bowl, Type: sell

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  • Biodegradable Food Packaging
  • We are Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd, manufacturing and exporting various kinds of food additives and food ingredient in many countries for 11 years. Our products are as follows:
    1.Monosodium […]

 Country Of Origin: Thailand
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We supply biodegradable food containers and packaging products made from bagasse which is natural plant fiber and does not leach dangerous substances and chemicals into food. Therefore, the consumers can be confident that our products are safe, free of substances causing cancer, and with superior quality including leak proof, ovenable, microwavable, and use for hot and cold food. Our products are lunch box, burger box, bowl, barreled bowl, small cup, cup, lid, plate,three compartment plate, oval plate, Ellipse Plate, Australian Plate, small three compartment tray etc.



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