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Big John’s Chil-axn Kampot Creative Graphic Design Solutionz

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  • Big John’s Chil-axn Kampot Creative Graphic Design Solutionz
Big John’s Chil-axn Kampot Creative Graphic Design Solutionz Big John’s Chil-axn Kampot Creative Graphic Design Solutionz
  • Sloppy John’s @ Kampot Night Market
    Kampot can get a bit quite after dark, unless you head to the Kampot Night Market, next to the durian roundabout, where there are food stall offering fresh fruit, […]

 Country Of Origin: Cambodia Certifications and Awards:
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Looking for help with flyers, menus, logos, Banners, t-shirts. packaging or a a small website, your Facebook, Google Pages, Maps, or even Tripadvisor? Then give me a call or drop me an email.

I  first studied Graphic Design 35 years ago, before PCs and WYSIWYG graphics programs, learning to do things by hand at Randwick Technical College, in Sydney, Australia..

The first computer I used was a 128k Mac. The computer was just another tool and my computer skills are all self taught.

I have worked both as a graphic designer and in sales and marketing in printing companies, publishing companies, advertising agencies and web design companies in Australia and in Asia as well as running my own businesses in the same field as well as food and hospitality.
Living in Kampot, Cambodia, my cost of living and overheads are much lower than in places like Australia and even Thailand, meaning, I can pass on those savings without any drop in quality.
I have a 2Mbps fiber optic internet connection, so communicating via Skype and transfering information and work is not an issue.
I have Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin and Bank accounts, so payment should not be an issue either.
If you would like to know more, to discuss your needs and what I migt be able to do for you please feel free to contact me


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