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BETEL LEAF, DRIED LENTIL DUMPLING / Dried lentil (paste) nuggets-( DAL BORI )

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  • BETEL LEAF, DRIED LENTIL DUMPLING / Dried lentil (paste) nuggets-( DAL BORI )
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the bori story..

So where should I start, the bori (sun dried lentil nuggets)  Let's start with the Bori
Bori is an essential part of  cuisine. If you need a definition then I will sayBori is sun dried lentil (paste) nuggets.  The basic ingredient is lentils, you can use either split black gram (urad dal) or split red lentil (masur dal) or split yellow lentil (motor dal). My aunt used to clean all the lentils separately, then soak them overnight and make a paste using the traditional flat stone mortar pestle (sil-nora). And the most important part was whipping the lentil paste. The more you whip it, better will be the end result. Deftly using her fingertips, she would put small amount of lentil paste on clean white piece of cloth supported by a clean large bamboo plate (kulo) or stainless steel plate. The nuggets are shaped like cone, tapered at the top. 
There are several kind of boris, large, small, with poppy seeds, with vegetable paste and so many more.Urad dal boris, the small one with poppy seeds(bhaja bori) that to be served as fried along with rice and dal
Gyona Bori -the paste of Thoor dal (Arahar)  as per need. Fry this on oil to get testy Gyona bori.

The paste is laid out by hand on a mat in the sunlight. It sticks to the mat while wet but when the bori dries completely it can easily come off. In its simplest form bori takes the conical shape naturally occurring due to the way the paste is laid out. However, intricate artistic designs can also made with the paste when squeezed out through a funnel. This is called naksha bori. It is also called gahona bori or gayna boribecause the designs often look like those of jewellery (gahana or gayna is Bengali for jewellery). To avoid breaking naksha bori when removing from the mat, a layer of poppy seeds is spread before laying the paste.  Preparing bori is almost exclusively done by women of the household, sometimes assisted by children.

Bori can be fried and eaten as a snack or can be added to fish or vegetable dishes to enhance taste and to add variety.

Betel Leaves 

 Betel Leaves (Bangla Pan)

 The heart shaped these leaves are available in various shades of green. Owing to rich taste and good aroma, these betel leaves are widely used to prepare pan. Our betel leaves are widely used as a stimulants and antiseptic. These are acclaimed for high quality juice and rich taste. We offer our betel leaves at reasonable rates.




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