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Banax kaigen 500Tm

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  • Banax kaigen 500Tm
  • Banax Tackle Shop is one stop one stop fishing shop in indonesia.It’s located in Tanjung karang,Bandar lampung.We sell many kinds Banax Reels,Avet Reels,Accurate Reels,Abu Garcia,Fin nor Reels,Okuma Reels,Quantum […]

 Country Of Origin: Indonesia Certifications and Awards: ISO 9001
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Banax Kaigen 500TM New 2013

Gear Ratio: 3.2 :1
weight: 885g
Drag power: 13kg
Original Max Retrieve power: 30kg
Practical Max Retrive power: 11.5kg
Torue Standard: 50
Max Speed: 230 m/min
Line Capacity: (PE-m) 4-400; 5-300; 6-300
(Nylon mm-m)0.370-400; 0.405-350; 0.435-300
Ball Bearing: 5


Price: $199.00
Ex Tax: $199.00

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