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Baking Band

in Steel Wire Mesh, Type: sell

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  • Baking Band
Baking Band
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Baking band also known as "Z Belts" consists of duple unilateral spiral woven mesh for oven conveying process. This kind of mesh belt features extremely flat and smooth surface. The thickness of this oven baking belt is thinner than compound belt which is also used in baking. Thinner belt thickness means high heat efficiency. This flat oven belt is frequently used in tunnel oven to convey both soft and hard dough. However, soft dough with high content of fat is not suitable.

Hook edge is the most commonly used for it will not break the product and contaminate the process.

Features & benefits:

Designed for ovens baking industry.
Extremely flat and uniform carrying surface.
High strength as well as good air circulation.
Typical Applications:

Biscuit baking.
Baking band measurement.
BCB-02: Baking band drawing.
Specification for rolled baking belt
Item No. Wire diameter Pitch Belt thickness Max. Width Min. Roller diameter for belt flexibility
mm mm mm mm mm
BB01 1.2 8.2 2.2 1550 300
BB02 1.5 8.5 2.8 1530 300
BB03 1.0 6.3 1.8 1500 300
BB04 1.3 8.5 2.4 1550 300


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