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Augmented reality smart glasses

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  • Augmented reality smart glasses
  • MagcBike ( Magic Bike) was founded in Jan of 2016,we are specialist in fashion&sports products , Augmented reality technology outdoor eyeglasses; bicycle equipment accessories; like bicycle Jersey, Pants, Shorts […]

 FOB Price: 650 - 1000 Minimum Order: 100  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: T/T Capacity: 10000  Pieces per Year
 Delivery Time: 7 DAYS
 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: CCC, SRRC, CAC, PATENT
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Modularized structure and circuit design Fast disassembling and assembling to achieve free switch between the intelligent and ordinary spectacles To replace the battery in 3 seconds, thus meeting the requirements for all-day riding

Fluent wind-blocking structure to show our attitude towards aesthetics

From the beginning of our design, we are determined to design a concise product full of great experience from use to its appearance. Deriving our inspiration from sports car aesthetics,

we chose the black of science and technology and orange of sports.


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