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Anti-pollen Window Screen

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Anti-pollen window screen, which is also referred to as pollen repellent screen, is an innovative and protective product, "attracting" the pollen. Designed to prevent allergenic pollen from entering your house or office, it is more beneficial to people who have problems with breathing, asthma or allergies. Simultaneously, the unique screen can let sufficient clean air in, without using a fan or air blower and make your home or office more comfortable.

What's more, it is easy to install and does not require cleaning for a long periods of time (around once or twice a year). This revolutionary product, with various sizes for choice, utilizes superior materials. Our screens have been lab tested and proven by ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) for its effectiveness against pollen.

It is a picture of real product - a black anti-pollen screen mesh roll which is around by pollen.
APWS-01: One of the most common color of anti-pollen window screen is black.
The pollen is blocked on the left by the anti-pollen window screen, while the clean air can pass through freely.
APWS-02: Anti-pollen window screen can prevent the house or office from pollen and let clean air in sufficiently.
It shows the details of pollen repellent window screen, such as the shape of its mesh.
APWS-03: The shape of the anti-pollen window screen mesh is oblong and it can repel pollen effectively.


  • Material: special heavy-duty nylon fabric mesh with high strength and perfectly smooth surface, polyester multifilament.
  • Weaving method: warp knitting, twill weave.
  • Color: black, gray.
  • Mesh size: 0.25 mm × 1 mm oblong shape.
  • Width: 15", 21", 26", 36", 48", 60", 85", 93".
  • Length: 10', 15', 50', 100'.
  • Pollen blocking rate: 87% (birch pollen).


  • High-density: The mesh size of anti-pollen window screen is 0.25 mm × 1 mm, an oblong shape. So, its mesh hole is small enough to stop the pollen from outside.
  • Prevent asthma and allergies: It can relieve hay fever and asthma symptoms and protect your health.
  • Allow ventilation greatly: The screen will improve light and air permeability to ensure that the fabric is available all year round.
  • Easy to install: You can fix it with simple tools and little effort.
  • Easy to clean: The smooth surface has absorbed pollen on it. But you can clean it quickly and easily through rinsing it under running water. Notice: Pat and wipe it dry with a non-linting cloth.
There is a piece of pollen repellent screen with high-density mesh and you can know this point through the pencil put on it.
APWS-04: The anti-pollen screen has the ability of pollen sorption and the pollen was absorbed on the smooth surface of the screen.
The pollen from trees outside adheres to the window, just as what the amplifying diagram shows.
APWS-05: Special heavy-duty nylon fabric mesh with high strength and density make it do well in filtering pollen out to keep users from allergenic pollen.

Anti-pollen window screen can filter allergenic pollen (birch pollen, grass pollen, etc.) out and allow ventilation excellently. It will help you protect yourself against unpleasant pollen and enjoy comfortable air in your house or office. It need not be removed in winter, you can use it the whole year.

The pollen of flowers, grass and a tree outside is blocked on the screen of the opening window.
APWS-06: Anti-pollen window screen will protect you from allergenic pollen.
In front of the flowers shrubs, there are two samples of the anti-pollen screen.
APWS-07: Anti-pollen screens with different specifications are capable to block various allergenic pollen.

Our main mode of package is inner PP bag with outer carton box; we also have other methods which depend on your request.


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