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Anti-implosion PTFE hoses for for full vacuum

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  • Anti-implosion PTFE hoses for for full vacuum
  • Import, export, reselling, distribution of ready made rubber and plastic goods like hydraulic and industrial hose,PTFE and silicone hoses,
    ERMETO, coupling, accessories, crimping ,cuttings, skiving, testing
    and […]

 Country Of Origin: Italy
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Produced from PTFE resins characterized by low microporosity and high tensile strength, the

convoluted PTFE hoses are reinforced with a carbon steel or with stainless steel spiral to let a

considerable improving at the bend radius.The helicoidal profile avoids the blockages of the passing

fluids and their consequent solidification.This make them  easily washable and sterilizable.

This kind of hoses are also usable at full vacuum resistance up to 130 degree C. Above  this

temperature the vacuum resistance should be reduced by 1% for every degree above 130 degree C.

They are braided with  INOX 304.The vacuum resistance for each diameters is  710 Torr. Internal diam from 3/8 up to 4 inch and max working pressure from 120 bar at 20 degree C to 15 bar at 20 degree C.

Other technical date  as per request.When high vacuum resistance

is required, it must be always be stated in inquiry.



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