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Anti-dust Window Screen

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  • Anti-dust Window Screen
Anti-dust Window Screen Anti-dust Window Screen Anti-dust Window Screen Anti-dust Window Screen
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Anti-dust window screen also called dust screen or window dust screen, is designed to protect users from not only pesky insets but also dust in the air. Using the latest technology, we manufacture anti-dust screen which is made of high-strength fiberglass fabric coated with polyester. The density of the dust screen is high enough that it can keep the tiny particles of dust and sand (even is invisible) out efficiently.

Anti-dust window screen is suitable for almost everywhere, especially areas with massive quantities of dust and place closed to growing plants which spread ubiquitous dirt. If someone in your family is allergic to dust, this product will be a good choice to protect them from allergen.

There is a roll of anti-dust screen in gray and you can see the mesh clearly from this picture of real product.
ADWS-01: Except gray ones, we can also offer black anti-dust window screen and there are other colors are for your choice.
The picture means that dust is blocked and rebounded by the dust screen outside and clean air is allowed to enter.
ADWS-02: Window dust screen can prevent dirt from users' house or office through blocking and rebounding it.


  • Material: high-strength fiberglass fabric coated with polyester.
  • Weave type: plain weave.
  • Diameter: 0.35 mm - 0.40 mm.
  • Mesh size: 15 × 17, 17 × 17.
  • Color: black, gray and other colors can also be customized.
There is a sample mesh of the anti-dust screen with high density, which can stop the dust efficiently.
ADWS-03: The window dust screen with fine mesh structure and high density, does better in intercepting dust and dirt.
There is a roll of anti-dust window screen mesh in black and you can see its details clearly.
ADWS-04: Black is one of the commonest colors of the dust screen, but there are also other colors which depend on your request.
This dynamic picture shows the process that dust particles repelled by the anti-dust window screen, while clean air flows freely.
ADWS-05: Anti-dust window screen can keep dirt out of users' house or office and make a cleaner living environment from them.


  • Keeps dust and dirt out: Window dust screen can hold up tiny particles of dust and keep it out of your home or office. Owing to anti-dust screen, you can live in a cleaner environment.
  • Super wind-resistance: Made of durable fiberglass fabric with high strength, the dust screen is strengthened the performance of wind-resistance. Customers can put it to use trustingly.
  • Easy-installed: This product can be installed optionally with easy facilities. It overcomes the trouble that it is difficult to disassemble. Meanwhile, it is convenient for the screens replacement, then reduce the maintenance costs.
  • Easy to clean: You needn't wash the dust screen frequently. When necessary, wipe it with a cloth with soap and water, and it will become as bright and clean as new.
  • Long service life: Using the high quality materials, this product possesses the advantage -- heavy-duty and durable.
  • Lab tested & proven: Our screens have been lab tested and proven by ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) for it's efficacy against dust.
Near the plants, there is an opening window which applies the anti-dust screen, in order to stop the dust from outside.
ADWS-06: The window dust screen can hold up dust and dirt from outside efficiently.

Window dust screen has high strength and perfectly smooth surface in black or gray color. It is easy to install on any window and door openings, on loggias, balconies, terraces of town houses. In addition, office and house close to growing plants which diffuse plenty of dust, are also suitable places to fabricate this kind of screen. Dust screen is great to protect your house from the street dust and dirt in the air.

The drawing shows that dust from outside adheres to the screen of the opening window.
ADWS-07: Anti-dust window screen is good at retaining tiny particles of dust from outside, and it is general used on terraces of town houses.
There are two rolls of anti-dust window screen, and one is black, the other is gray.
ADWS-08: Window dust screen is widely applied to the balconies and house close to street, etc.

Our products will be rolled up and covered by plastic film. Out of security reason, we will pack them in high-quality cardboard box ultimately.


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