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Anomass 400mg/ml Finished Steroids Oil For sale

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  • Anomass 400mg/ml Finished Steroids Oil For sale
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 Country Of Origin: Dominican Republic Certifications and Awards: Anomass 400mg/ml Finished Steroids Oil For sale
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Anomass 400mg/ml Finished Steroids Oil For sale
Recipe of Anomass:
Boldenone undecylenate BP 150 mg
Testosterone Enanthate BP 150 mg
Trenbolone Enanthate BP 100 mg
13mL BA (2%)
64mL BB (15%)
349mL Oil(GSO)

Dosage of Anomass :
Adult dosage is 25-50mg per day.
Hematologic: Suppression of clotting factors II, V, VII, and X, bleeding in patients on concomitant anticoagulant therapy, and polycythemia.
Androgens are contraindicated in men with carcinomas of the breast or with known or suspected carcinomas of the prostate and in women who are or may become pregnant.

Adverse reactions
Acne and hair loss. Gynecomastia. This drug requires frequent injections. The testosterone in this compound will convert easily into dihydrotestosterone and estogens.

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