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 Country Of Origin: China
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EINECS number: 226-637-6
Content: 98%
Character: light yellow crystal granule or crystalline powder
Molecular formula:C9H7BRO
Molecular weight: 211.0553
Melting point: 68-72
Boiling point: 304.4 at C 760 mmHg
Density: 1.499g/cm3
Flash point: 110.2 ~ C
Sterilization and deodorization, mold and mildew fungicide in the steam in the steam of this product is a broad spectrum fungicide in room temperature is very low, in airtight containers will not crystallize, but can kill a variety of fungi, bacteria, yeast and some insects, for camera, microscope, such as precision optical instruments will not damage the lens, shutter and precision parts. Can be used for optical instruments, audio equipment, musical instruments, archives, clothing, pest control, cosmetics and food preservation insurance metal cutting oil, gasoline and lubricating oil resistance anticorrosive, the body, the body (save for medical anatomy, replacing formalin) and industrial circulating cooling water algae. Commonly used in clothing, packaging, building materials, chemical industry. Anti-corrosion, mildew effect. If the changes to release a certain percentage for shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes and other products can play an effective anti-corrosion, mildew, deodorization, sterilization, killing a number of stubborn harmful fungi. Can effectively prevent the occurrence of foot disease.
Packing: 25kg bag
Standard: enterprise standard

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