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ALINK-5X FDD Long Range Full-Duplex backhaul bridge. Range up to 40km over 60Mbps

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  • ALINK-5X FDD Long Range Full-Duplex backhaul bridge. Range up to 40km over 60Mbps
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ALINK-5X FDD Point to point Full-Duplex Backhaul wireless bridge. Range up to 40km with speed data over 60Mbps

As broadband wireless connectivity solution is in production since 2009 and the product line are adopting Wireless FDD concept to provide an affordable and reliable rural connectivity platform. Alcon Alink are high performance outdoor deployable wireless bridge that provides wireless connectivity between multiple network locations, with the high throughput and long distance transmission, it is the appropriate backhaul solution for Network Carriers, Internet Service Providers, System Integrators and Enterprises.Professional device for stable connections and heavy duty operation. Working in extreme climates conditions such as -30 ~ +70°C. Ideal for Point to point applications in range up to 40km. Data speed by our testing on 32km is 74Mbps, on 40km is 60Mbps


Features :
Rural Connectivity Platform
Up to 40Mbps over 50Km connection
Up to 60-80Mbps over 30km connection
Easy Installation and Configuration
IP68 rated enclosure for dust and water protection
Wireless FDD Technology
Best choice for multiple IP camera transmissions under PtP mode


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