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ALCON CT-4583 4HS Long range phone up to 30km with 4 handsets

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  • ALCON CT-4583 4HS Long range phone up to 30km with 4 handsets
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 Country Of Origin: Taiwan
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ALCON CT-4583 4HS Long range cordless phone up to 30km with 4 handsets in kit

Ideal model for farms, landowners, remote locations, marinas, boats, emergency services, security, event organizers, industrial sites, building and construction industry, outdoor use ...

Below range is result of our test and match real life performance:
Max range without line of sight up to 30km.
Max range in optimal conditions, with line of sight is up to 40km

Notice that intercom is available only between handset and the base, but there is no communication between handsets


Power:45W Base - 3W Handset(5W Turbo)
Works on any PSTN phone line or on analog extensions from PBX or VOIP, GSM, FXS Gateways
No software setup / easy for installation
Reliable and simple to use
Line of sight (LOS) is not necessary for range
Multi-Handset system (Up to 4 handsets)
Intercom between base and handsets
Frequency auto scan when Handset turns on
Handset scramble function
Hold music
Last number redial for Handset
Backlight on handset keypad
Touch any key answer function for handset
12-number memory for each handset (15 digits)
Handset Low battery indication
Built-in noise cancellation circuit (Compander)
2 pcs lithium battery 10,8V 920mAh 10Wa
Battery - Standard by : 60 hours,
Talking time: 45~60 minutes
Separate battery charger
Carry case for Handset
Hands-free headset (Optional), via standard 2,5mm jack
Car Accessory kit (Optional)
Handset Dimensions : 15cm x 5cm x 2cm ( with out antenna )
Handset weight : 250g with battery


Multiple Channel Access: 20 channels automatic scan to avoid interference
Built-in voice security circuit (Scrambler).
Works on two frequencies : 382.100 MHz / 256.100 MHz

ALCON CT 4583 4HS Cordless phone with standard accessory including :  - 1pc base unit 45W, 1pc Base Adapter 110/240V, 1pc Omni Roof Antenna with 30m cable, 4pc portable handset 3W, 8pcs Lithium Battery 920mAh, 1pc 2m RJ11 telephone cable, 4pc Charger for handset, 4pc Leather Case, 4pc Rubber handset Antenna, 1pc User Manual, One year warranty


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