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ALCON ASU-24005g Outdoor AP Bridge Repeater Client 500mW 2.4GHz 11b/g 108Mbps with 12dBi Aantenna FCC CE

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  • ALCON ASU-24005g Outdoor AP Bridge Repeater Client 500mW 2.4GHz 11b/g 108Mbps with 12dBi Aantenna FCC CE
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ALCON ASU-24005g 500mW 2.4GHz 11b/g 108Mbps Wireless outdoor AP Bridge repeater Client with integrated 12dBi flat panel antenna. Approvals FCC CE

Extend Your Broadband DSL or  Ethernet LAN
ASU-24005g Fighter Outdoor Wireless Solution
Cost-Effective Long-Range Wireless LAN and DSL Extender
Provide high speed data rates that are by our testing on 500m  20mbps, for 1 km is 10 Mbps and for 3km is 8 mbps
Extending DSL Connection (Bridge Mode) Point to Point
Wireless Internet Service (Point to Multi-Point)
Can be use as Access Point or Client Equipment

Fast Deployment, Easy Installation, Reliable Operation
Ideal for Extending Internet Connection in Remote Areas
Ideal for WISP Operation with Low-Investment needed
Mode Advantageous than using LAN Adaptor

With the most innovative 802.11g technology designed, the Alcon Wireless ASU-24005g provides 108Mbps high data rate for outdoor environment, which is about 30 times faster than T1 and ADSL connection speed. There are four operating modes supported in ASU-24005g which are: AP, Wireless Client, Repeater, and Bridge. Except for 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption, ASU-24005g integrates WPA and WPA-PSK to secure the information of your wireless LAN. The special designed housing allows the Alcon Wireless ASU-24005g to be installed in exposed locations under the rigorous weather conditions including heavy rain and wind. With web-based interface provided, the ASU-24005g is easy to be installed and managed. The PoE (Power over Ethernet) design reduces the cost of power cables installation and offers high flexibility while selecting the location of ASU-24005g. All these advanced features and the built-in 12dBi patch antenna make ASU-24005g a suitable CPE solution for widely open space applications such as WISPs, campuses, and airports.

Cost-effective LAN to LAN connection It is an easy job to install wiring inside your own building, but it is hard if network cabling needs to route through some public areas or difficult wiring environments. A cost-effective solution is being provided now. The system integrator can use ASU 24005g-N with omni-directional antenna in central site, and apply several ASU-24005g on all satellite sites to connect these wired Ethernets together

Alcon Wireless ASU-24005g is ideal for mixed of indoor and outdoor 108Mbps Wi-Fi solutions. It can be operated as an access point, wireless client, bridge PtP, bridge PtMP or repeater. With integrated 12dBi flat panel antenna, it not only saves costs, simplifies hardware setup, reduces maintenance afford, but also enhances protection of the device. Detailed link status enables administrator to manage and troubleshoot more easily. With IP68 enclosure protection, it is able to sustain under harsh weather and dusty environment. The unit is specifically designed for service providers and enterprises to build an indoor and/or outdoor wireless broadband network

Multiple Performances :
Interoperate with other Wi-Fi equipment
Various operation modes
Up to 108Mbps data rate
SmartSelect Technology
Optimal Distance Technology (ODT)
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

Save Your Money :

Integrated 12dBi directional antenna
Teleco grade with affordable price
High cost-performance ratio
Best choice of CPE device

No Maintenance Needed

Antirust plastic housing
IP67 waterproof and dustproof
Power over Ethernet


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