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Aircraft Appraisal and Valuation Certificate Services

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  • Aircraft Appraisal and Valuation Certificate Services
  • Federal US Government Approved Corporation ,MBE Certified in California & Washington state,DGFT Government of India Approved Agency,Washington State Licensed Aircraft Engineering certification […]

 FOB Price: 15000 - 20000  USD per Unit
 Minimum Order:Terms Of Payment: Due on Invoice Delivery Time: 5-7 days
 Country Of Origin: United States Certifications and Awards: DGFT Government of India,Washington State licensed Aircraft Engineeirng Certification corporation (USA),MBE Certified,IOV Certified Approved Valuer-Aircraft
Aircraft Appraisal: DGFT Approved
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Cayley Aerospace Inc is Federal US Government Approved Aircraft Engineering Corporation with Chartered Engineer Aeronautical and Institute of Valuers Approved with DGFT Government of India Customs as only Approved Aircraft Valuers and Appraisals for India region.Cayley Aerospace Inc performs Aircraft Valuation and Appraisals for India region for all customers from any parts of world including USA,Australia,China,India,Singapore,Malaysia,UK,European Union,Mexico,South America region.

For all request contact Cayley Aerospace team:

Eur Ing.Bishnujee Singh CEng(Aeronautical) PE Approved Aircraft Valuer-IOV,Approved by DGFT India Govt Customs


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