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AIR PERMEABILITY 37S – Branca Idealair

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  • AIR PERMEABILITY 37S – Branca Idealair
AIR PERMEABILITY 37S – Branca Idealair AIR PERMEABILITY 37S – Branca Idealair AIR PERMEABILITY 37S – Branca Idealair
  • Leader in Precision air conditioning systems for Laboratories and metrological room …

    Since 1932 S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR s.a.s. is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing precision air conditioning units […]

 Capacity: 10  Pieces per Month
 Country Of Origin: Italy Certifications and Awards: ISO 9237- A.S.T.M. D-737 - BS 5636 - JIS L 1096 A - DIN 53887 - EDANA 140.1 - GOST 12088 - 77 - A.S.T.M. D-3574 - TAPPI T-251 - AFNOR G07 - 111
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The 'AIR PERMEABILITY 37S' is suitable to measure the air permeability values of fabrics considered as an air flow speed that pass perpendicularly across a sample according to the specific requirements as the test area, the setting of pressure drop value and the test time recorded (see ISO 9237 Standards).

The measuring purpose focuses on the determination of the crossing time of a pre-determined air volume through the sample measured by a volumetric counter and generated by an external suction unit.

The HMI panel operator (touch screen) allows to set the test parameters:

  • TEST AREA: values expressed in cm²;
  • PRESSURE DROP: values expressed in Pascal (Pa); the suction control is controlled across two regulation knobs positioned on the right side of the instrument and the value is shown directly on HMI panel operator; pressure drop is detected from a pressure transducer at high precision;
  • OUTPUT MEASURE UNITS: Lt/m²/s, m/s, l/min;
  • AIR VOLUME: 10 or 100 litres;


1) PRINTER: at the end of the test it is possible to print a test report across the optional ASCII printers both available in the panel mounted or in the stand alone versions.


  • Company details;
  • Address;
  • Operator;
  • Sample No.;
  • Supplier;
  • Comments;
  • Test results;
  • Signature;


  • Data monitoring;
  • Data logging;
  • Parameters setting;

The ANALYSIS SOFTWARE is associated with the Microsoft Office Excel (all versions compatible);

  • EASY data configuration by configuring cells from the dialog box;
  • Automatic data storage / printing operations;
  • Data saving with TEXT format, although the file format can be registered flexibily;
  • Versatility;
  • Automatic Macro Startup;
  • Registered macro activation programmed by the User when the event is ON (Program change);
  • Configuration of wave sounds to advise the operator during the test;
  • Remote data management via modem;
  • Remote assistance included;
  • Interactive data exchange
  • Direct communication with the instrument;
  • Easy programming environment


  • Character Change: MACRO programming;
  • Operation Formula: Automatic conversions of measure units;

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