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Air Handling Unit

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  • Air Handling Unit
Air Handling Unit
  • Whitenair Technologies offers impeccable array of Clean Air/Controlled Environment Solutions to a diverse range of industries that help keep product, people and process free from contamination. Our offered […]

 Country Of Origin: India Certifications and Awards: ASHRAE
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Whitenair Technologies  is a Leading Manufacturer of  HVAC ( Heating Ventilation& Air Conditioning) system ,We create and Implement  innovative and technologically advanced solution for all types  of    Industrial facilities and commercial institutions.

Our Air Handling units guarantee comfort regardless of a facility’s location. We are real experts in Good Climate…….. and Good IAQ ( Indoor air quality)

Whitenair Air Handling Units are designed with the use of state of the art technologies, advanced material engineering ,and completely innovative construction solutions hence whitenair AHU’s are reliable, Energy saving and fully adjusted to the expectation of market .

We care for quality on all stages of work with the product starting from AHU design through production to service assistance. We make sure that our AH are always assembled by highly qualified services. Assembly is included as standard and we are responsible for performing services of highest quality possible.

Whitenair AHU Design features

  • Variable dimensioning features for flexible cabinet sizing.
  • Externally and Internally Epoxy powder coated Finish.
  • Multiple sections Depth.
  • Variable coil casing and drain pan material.
  • Mixing Boxes.
  • Low leakage dampers.
  • Face and by pass dampers.
  • Double sloped drain pan.
  • Different filter grade.
  • Variable fan selection include forward-curved,backward curved and air foil.
  • Frequency inverter (VFD) and thermistor.
  • Electrical heater.
  • Sound attenuator/silencer.
  • Energy recovery section –Heat recovery wheels.
  • Accessible and maintainable.
  • Flexibility for shipment




 Whitenair AHU Construction  features

  • Self supporting type with pre painted Double skin modular PU panels. Frame work is made of High strength extruded aluminum pent post, internal post and nylon composite corner piece.
  • The thermal bridging factor of the Whitenair AHU is designed to meet BS EN 1886,Class TB1 , TB2,  TB3
  • AHU with modular PU Panels are available in 25mm and 45mm thickness with thermal brake       Aluminum profile ( TB 1/TB2 as per BS EN 1886) and 25mm 40mm  thick with normal aluminum Profile ( TB2,TB3 as per BS EN 1886)
  • Whitenair AHUs are designed to High end perform with no Air Leakage and minimum Heat loss hence low operational cost.

  Type of Whitenair Air Handling Units

  1. Supply Air AHU
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Heating + Cooling + Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Filtration
  1. Exhaust Air AHU
  • Exhaust
  • Filtration
  1. Supply Exhaust AHU with Heat Recovery System
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Heating+ Cooling
  • Heating + cooling + Heating



  1. Pre Filters ( Panel/Bag filter) (EU 3 grade)

Used for rooms with Average Requirement of Air Purity like Hotels, Restaurant, Cinemas, Theaters, Department stores ,Concert Halls etc.

  1. Preliminary Filters ( EU 5 Grade)

Used for rooms with  Average Requirement of Air Purity. like Hotels, Restaurant, Cinemas, Theaters, Department stores ,Concert Halls etc.

  1. Secondary Filters ( EU 7 grade)

Used for rooms  with  High Requirement of Air Purity Like Pharmaceuticals, Food Industry, Varnishing chambers, Dehumidification chambers etc


  1. Secondary Filters ( EU 9 grade)

Used for Clean  rooms as Final filtration stage or Pre Filter stage for HEPA/ULPA Filters   Electronic component Mfg, Optical  components Mfg, Sterile Operating Theatres, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms,  etc


  1. Absolute Filters ( EU 11/EU 13/EU 14 )

Used for Clean  rooms as Final filtration stage  for  Electronic component Mfg,Optical  components Mfg, Sterile Operating Theatres, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms,  etc

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